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ADRV9002 + ZCU102: Patching Profile in 2021_R1 branch

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9002BBCZ
Software Version: 2021_R1

We're using the Petalinux build of the 2021_R1 branch, on a ZCU102 system with an ADRV9002 eval board.
We've made a custom profile in TES, using RX1, RX2, and TX1 in TDD mode.

Previously we were using the last released version of the software (2019_R2), and the way we were handling changes to the profile was to create a kernel patch with changes to 'Navassa_LVDS_profile.json' located within the kernel firmware files. This worked well in the 2019 build, and on boot the driver loaded this modified profile that we could see changes to via iio-scope/sysfs.

Trying this same procedure on the 2021_R1 branch, the default profile that the driver is using doesn't seem to change. Looking at the system through iio-scope, the changes to sample rate and bandwidth that we've made are not present. Looking at the kernel build files after the build, the profile patches seem to be applying correctly in the directory below:

Has the process for changing the default profile changed between the 2019 and 2021 versions of the kernel/driver?
Is there something that im missing here?