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ad9361 (fmcomms3) 8-bit I/Q mode

Category: Software
Product Number: fmcomms3(ad9361)
Software Version: IIO Library version: 0.14 (git tag: v0.14)


I'm tying to capture a spectrum utilising 41MHz BW at 50MSps samp_rate. This should result in a 200 MB raw I/Q file per secoond (50MSps x 4Byte I+Q). To reduce the space taken while performing these tests, I would like to reduce the I/Q resolution from 4Bytes to 2Bytes for combined I+Q. I'm aware that data is always handled as 16bit I + 16bit Q according to this ADI article AXI_AD9361 [Analog Devices Wiki], however I read somewhere that the 8-bit feature will added at some point in the future.

Is there an accessible way to make these changes at the kernel or axi_ad9361 levels?


  • zynqMP ultrascale+ is used for this project 
  • I'm happy with the reduction in the dynamic range induced by this change.
  • 512GB NVMe drive mounted using 2x PCIe lanes is used to store the data