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64-bit build of Kuiper Linux with IndustrialIO for Raspberry Pi 4B

Category: Software
Product Number: ADIS16475, ADIS16465, EVAL-ADISIMU1-RPIZ

Does IIO work with the ADIS16475 series of IMUs on 64-bit Linux? Are there 64-bit builds of Kuiper Linux that run on the Raspberry Pi 4B available yet (or coming soon)? Ultimately I hope to build a custom 64-bit image with a recent kernel using the IIO support which ADIS has upstreamed. My earlier attempts haven't worked (see  Problem starting iiod with the ADIS16465 on a custom Linux build ) so I'd like to try again with the most recent Kuiper build. How should I set up a Kuiper build environment for this experiment?

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  • Thanks for the details, that helps a lot. I had tried setting it to adis16465 and tried strings from the driver like "adis16465-2", which also didn't work. But since the working image showed "adi,adis16477-1" I used a value like that and now I have an iio device.

    In case anyone else needs it, this is exactly what I added to /boot/config.txt for Kuiper built with a 5.10.63 kernel:


    The output from vcdbg log mesg was also really useful for seeing what dtparam value was applied.

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