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ZC706 ADRV9371 devmem Command not found

Category: Software
Software Version: Raspbian Kuiper GNU/ Linux 10 buster

I am working with the ZC706 and ADRV9371 Evaluation Boards to test hardware.

For part of the testing, I would like to use devmem to read some of the AXI registers and memory directly.

The error I get when trying to use the "devmem" or "devmem2" command is:

"-bash: devmem: command not found"

I also tried both:

"apt-get install devmem"


"apt install devmem"

but get the error:

"E: Unable to locate package devmem"

Troubleshooting steps tried so far:

(Please bear with me if this isn't useful. I don't have much experience with Linux yet.)

Checking internet on the eval board's kernel:

"apt-get update" on the eval board seems to run correctly.

Remade the kernel:

1) I cloned the latest

2) From "Building the Zynq Linux kernel and devicetrees from source" used "make zynq_xcomm_adv7511_defconfig"

3) Then, using "make menuconfig" made sure that "Filter access to /dev/mem/" is not selected. (Linux/arm 5.10.0 Kernel Configuration)

4) Build the kernel with "make -j5 UIMAGE_LOADADDR=0x8000 uImage"

5) The kernel is successfully remade and uImage file created, placed into SD card's boot.

6) I can see the eval board start and operate normally but still cannot use devmem.

I can see the devmem directory at "/linux/include/config/arch/has/" and devmem.h under "/linux/include/config" so it seems to be part of the kernel.

Is there something else I should try to get this command working?