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switching to DMA Mode from the boot SD card

Category: Software
Product Number: zcu102 + FMCDAQ2
Software Version: custom tcl supplied by Travis Collins


We need to boot from the SD card to DMA mode such that the signal to the DAQ2 is routed from our model in the FPGA. I have been given (Travis) the following instruction:

Ok, so basically you need to set the data source of the TX interface core to DMA. This is done through the DAC_DDS_SEL registers:

From iio_reg it would be: iio_reg axi-ad9144-hpc $((0x418 + i * 0x40)) 0x02

where i is the channel (0,1,2,3)

I have put the above in the file in the linux portion of the SD card in the /mnt folder. 

It doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong please?

many thanks