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whats are the requirement for moving from adrv9001+7z020 (zedboard) to adrv9001+7z035 board in vivado and kernel terms

Hi all,

we have a project which is based on the reference design of the zedboard together with the adrv9001 , the problem is that our actual board build upon the 7z035+adrv9001 aka different zynq chips.

what are the requirement from the vivado and the linux kernel side when moving from different fpga chips ?

  • for the moment we simply change the zynq ps core from 7020 to 7035 on vivado and copy all the relevant IP's from the zed board project to our project
  • on the petalinux side it's look like it's image is based on the zedboard+adrv9001 image

what can be the gap between the 7020 version and the 7035 version of zynq in terms of performance and compatibility to the zedboard+adrv9001 image .

with best regards .

Dror & Raz.