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Driver to support external voltage reference

I think one of the new requirements I have for the Linux driver of adaq400x in Zedboard is the support for external voltage reference, other than a single Vref (which as of now is fixed to 5V).

How can a Linux IIO driver support more than one Vref? Does it help if the device tree Vref node has a range between the regulator-min-microvolt and regulator-max-microvolt properties (instead of being equal)?

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  • Well, not really changing it while it's running.  It's like run the ADC, then when it's stopped that when the user (we) can use a different reference voltage.  Of course, it's not like any reference voltage will be used.  It would be either of the following - 2.5V, 3.3V, 4.096V, 5V.  The point is, not just one reference voltage.