Controlling GPIO through axi_gpreg using AD9361 with ADRV1CRR-BOB Breakout Carrier


I am developing a program that is required to communicate with some hardware. This means that I need to use at least 8 GPIO output ports.

Currently, I am capable of controlling leds, switches, buttons and 3 GPIO (IO_L02_13_JX2_P, IO_L06_13_JX2_N, IO_L06_13_JX2_P) through the linux driver.

Unfortunately, the rest of gpio is not controllable through the linux drivers.

The issues is almost identical to the one described here:  Controlling Breakout Carrier (PicoZed SDR) GPIOs  where a direct mmap to the axi_gpreg is recommended as one that does not require changing the fpga fabric. But I am unable to achieve it and changing the registers seem not to do anything. One of the thing I noticed is the lack of following lines in the devicetree:

axi_gpreg@41200000 {
	compatible = "xlnx,axi-gpreg-1.0";
	reg = <0x41200000 0x10000>;

Does that mean that my current fpga fabric does not have axi_gpreg and all the pins are not available at all without changing the fpga fabric?

How could I control any (5 more output pins on the carrier board?

Thank you for your help,
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