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ADRV9009 on a ZCU102 Vadj is not generating


I'm using the ADRV9009 EVM on a ZCU102 card and it is working fine. I have designed a custom FMC card with 2 ADRV9009 chips taking the EVM as a reference and It is working fine when mounted on our In-house XC7Z045 carrier card. When I mount the same FMC board on ZCU102, I observed that the PG C2M pin and Vadj_FMC are not generating from the ZCU102. In UG1182 under the VADJ_FMC power rail section, it is clear that it has got something to do with the I2C EEPROM present on the FMC card. Can someone tell me where and what I am missing? 

Info: The PG_M2C, PRSNT_M2C_L pins are NC (not connected to any rail) on the FMC card and PG_C2M is used to enable the power supply sequence.

Thanks in advance.