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ACPI HID name for ADXL345


I use ADXL345 sensor on the x86 board with Ubuntu Linux OS.

 The opensource driver is workable on the Linux OS:

But it requires a prerequisite is ACPI HID to make the driver can identify this sensor from the ACPI table.

 Looks like the opensource driver is only for the ARM board in the past. It is only implemented to identify the sensor via Linux DTS.

We have to upstream our patch to Linux kernel mainline with a formal ACPI HID as below driver code.

But we don’t know the formal ACPI HID name for the red part.

Could you help to check this information to help us put it into our ACPI table and upstream to the Linux kernel mainline? 



===Linux driver code===

+static const struct acpi_device_id adxl34x_acpi_match[] = {

+    {"ADXL0345"},

+    { },



+MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE(acpi, adxl34x_acpi_match);


static struct i2c_driver adxl34x_driver = {

    .driver = {

        .name = "adxl34x",

        .pm = &adxl34x_i2c_pm,

        .of_match_table = adxl34x_of_id,

+       .acpi_match_table = ACPI_PTR(adxl34x_acpi_match),


    .probe    = adxl34x_i2c_probe,

    .remove   = adxl34x_i2c_remove,

    .id_table = adxl34x_id,





Best Regards,


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