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Synchronize Rx and Tx Fast Lock profile ADRV9361-z7035

Dear ,

I implemented different signal processing block within Reference design . I am facing a issue. Let me elaborate following

1- Rx Profile 0 : RF BW 56 MHz , LO 2428 MHz

    Rx Profile 1 : RF BW 56 MHz , L0  2484 MHz

The above are the settings of ADRV9361-z7035 . I implemented some logic in PL portion which calculate the detection peak between 2400-2500MHz .

Let suppose the index for detected peak is XY which is frequency detected in Profile 1. Now I want once the peak detection is complete . DAC/DDS should generate RF signal  in relevant profile 0 or 1 ? Current I am facing problem how to get to know DAC/DDS that detected peak from Profile 0 or 1 ?

  • Maybe I don't understand the question ...

    Something controls the fast-lock pins - right? This something should know what it does.


  • Let me elaborate again .

    I am running two profiles each have 50MHz .covering 100MHz span of frequency . My PL logic once detected via RX a frequency ( in the range specified by span of two profiles ) . After that I want to stop RX profiles and start to run Tx profile ?


    I want to run RX,TX side profiles independent to each other. Controlled by a  PL logic  . Let suppose if (x==0) then run RX profiles else (when x==1) run Tx profile . The "x" is a user logic signal/check (PL) . how to do this ?

  • Did you check the user guide?

    There is only one set of control pins CTRL_IN0 to CTRL_2 this allows you to select 2^3 = 8 different profiles.

    There are no other additional control strobes for fast lock.

    If you enable pin control for both Rx and Tx then your RX and TX will always use the same profile number.