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ssm4567 驱动初始化时soft_reset写入0,出错,返回-5,其它寄存器写入默认值正常,可以正常读出


   we using ssm4567 on linux 3.10, while driver init, write soft_reset(0xff) to 0, return error code -5. other register can read write ok. what's the problem?

attach debug log
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  • Hi ADI,

       we using ssm4567 on  allwinner A40i platform(Linux 3.10).i2c(0x34) interface can detect and read register value as following,but while insmod the codec driver module which got from, the Soft_reset(0xff) return -5.(issue #1)

       #2 issue, which we are using tinymix cmd, to config the control path, there is no any control path return.

      #3. how to config the control path?

  • Hi ADI:

       Thanks a lot for help reply for the audio issue. 

        Now we has another audio issue:

    there is no sound(speaker is silent) from speaker when aplay it, but play the same fie with other codec chip & play it on PC is ok. some *.wav file the volume is very low. the other *.wav file is OK

    mount -t debugfs none /sys/kernel/debug/
    echo -n "file soc-core.c +p" >/sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control

    insmod /lib/modules/3.10.65/snd-soc-ssm4567.ko
    insmod /lib/modules/3.10.65/snd-soc-ssm4567-i2c.ko

    tinymix  -D 1 3 1
    tinymix  -D 1 4 1
    tinymix  -D 1 8 hub_enable

    aplay  /mnt/ring03.wav -f S16_LE -Dplughw:1,0 -r 44100   //is silent.
    aplay  /mnt/notify.wav -f S16_LE -Dplughw:1,0 -r 44100    //is ok
    aplay  /mnt/music.wav  -f S32_LE -Dplughw:1,0 -r 44100  //volume very low.

    How to debug these issues?

  • Dear DaveThib,

    Could you help to look at this ?

    Thanks a lot for your continuously support.

  • Dear Robert,

    This question is a duplicate of the topic posted here: there-is-no-sound-speaker-is-silent-from-speaker-when-aplay-it-but-play-the-same-fie-with-other-codec-chip-play-it-on-pc-is-ok-some-wav-file-the-volume-is-very-low-the-other-wav-file-is-ok

    It was answered there and this topic is marked as "Answered" by the creator so please let's leave this closed and continue on the other topic.

    Thank you

  • Hi the first  attach wav file is "ring03.wav" 9seconds which so voice issue.

    the second 1 seconds file is "notify" which is ok wav file.

  • Hello hirobert, 

    It does look like the discussion is continuing on the new thread. 

    Dave T

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