ZCU102 linux boot problem with adrv9008-2


I'm following this wiki :


I downloaded 28 July 2021 release candidate (2019_R2)

then I the following files to the root of BOOT partition (F:\):

- Image (under F:\zynqmp-common)

- system.dtb (under F:\zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9008-1-2\zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9008-2)

- BOOT.BIN (under F:\zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-adrv9008-1-2)

I put the SW6 to the position 0001 to boot from sd card. I mounted the adrv9008-2 on HPC1 and powered on the board. The problem is that I'm always getting the following display on teraterm :

Xilinx Zynq MP First Stage Boot Loader
Release 2018.3   Nov  8 2018  -  19:16:37
PMU-FW is not running, certain applications may not be supported.

and the BIST starts and PL leds start to light one by one as described in the bist.

Am I missing someting in this configuration please ?

Why the Linux image is not booting.