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Reduce frequency change time (ADRV9008-1)


I'm using ADRV9008-1 + my custom board.

I developed an application using a IIO driver to change the LO frequency of ADRV9008-1.

Refer to the iio_attr program.(

Since the frequency change time is important, the execution time was measured with the clock_get time function. a code is below.


clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, &t_begin);
sprintf(sCenterFreq, "%llu", center_freq);
if(iio_channel_attr_write(ch, attr, sCenterFreq) < 0){
DebugLog((SLOG_ERROR, "* Error : Can't write frequency attribute\n"));
return TFAIL;
clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, &t_end);
t_result = 1000000000 * (t_end.tv_sec - t_begin.tv_sec) + (t_end.tv_nsec - t_begin.tv_nsec);
printf("iio_channel_attr_write : %lf sec\n", (double)t_result / 1000000000);


As a result, the change time was 100ms.This time is too long.

Is there any way to reduce this time as much as possible?


add thanks.
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