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AD9545 Linux Driver


For a project we are to integrate the AD9545 with out platform, for which the hardware design has recently been reviewed. We need to configure the AD9545 via I2C in Linux environment and I see a clock driver for the AD9545 was created this year in the AD repo (SPI + I2C):

Main requirements are to have differential output on OUT0AP/OUT0AN and status event clock locked output on m0. From what I could tell there is some code to set m0 as a control input (in ad9545_aux_tdcs_setup), so we'd at least need to add support for our configuration of m0. I’m hoping the rest can be handled via existing devicetree properties.

However I don't see this driver actually used as it’s not enabled in any defconfig nor device tree. There's only one reference to the AD9545 in device tree for a Xilinx EVK (zynqmp-adrv9009-zu11eg-reva-adrv2crr-fmc-reva.dts) though it’s instantiated as a generic I2C device.

So does the AD team recommend using this driver and if so can you please provide any examples to reference (especially of device tree nodes)?

Thaks in advance,