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register read not working in AD7606b parallel interface

Hi, We are using AD7606b in parallel mode though Linux drivers. we used HDL and linux driver from ADI reference source. for parallel interface we are able to get ADC reading. but we are facing with register read operation. we are using AD7606b in software mode, ADC reading are correctly coming, but when we try to read ADC register data we are getting 0x18CX value in return irrespective to any register address. we checked with oscilloscope , the register read in parallel mode waveform is same as datasheet , any we are even able to get register read command properly, but response from register_read from AD7606b is always in range 0x18CX for any register address we use. we even try to read register data at adders 0x2f for which we should get 0x14 but getting 0x18CX and for this we also check waveform on oscilloscope and AD7606B is actually transmitting 0x18C0. request you to kindly suggest any solution or points we might be missing out.


shivshankar thati

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  • Hi Michael,

    we found the problem, we basically referred ADI AXI_AD7616 HDL code, and its logic was not able to meet WR_N signal specification. specs : WR_N low time  required min 88ns, actual having 60ns. 

    so we modified the HDL code to make WR_N  low time to 100ns , and now  register read is working in AD7606B parallel mode.


    shivashankar thati