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dac_fmc_ebz Reference Design with AD9171 & zcu102

I'm using the dac_fmc_ebz reference project for the zcu102 with the AD9171 eval board and modifying the config.tcl script to create a single-link project for the ad9171 in JESD mode 3.  It generates the BIT file without any issue.  Then I use the Linux repo from the ADI github and modify the ad9172 devicetree files for the ad9171.  Mostly by replacing ad9172 with ad9171 where needed and using JESD mode 3 as opposed to 10 and changing the octets per frame to 2. The board is attached to the zcu102's HPC0 FMC connector.

The DAC is configured to have a rate of 3GHz with 12x interpolation.  For the HMC settings, I tried many different options but mostly stuck to dividing the HMC's PLL 2.94912 GHz clock by 8 and 24.  8 was the default and generated a clock of ~365 MHz and 24 because that generated a clock of 122.88 MHz, which is 1/40 of the lane rate. 

However, no matter what settings I attempt, no JESD lanes on the dac moves past the CGS and SYNCn is never deasserted.  The dac's PLLs are locked but there is no other status or errors that I could find.  I verified I could write to and read from the dac with iio_reg.

dmesg doesn't report any errors

[ 6.054126] axi_adxcvr 84a60000.axi-adxcvr-tx: AXI-ADXCVR-TX (17.02.a) using QPLL on GTH4 at 0x84A.
[ 6.065920] axi-jesd204-tx 84a90000.axi-jesd204-tx: AXI-JESD204-TX (1.06.a) at 0x84A90000. Encoder.
[ 6.079476] ad9172 spi1.1: AD916x DAC Chip ID: 4
[ 6.084092] ad9172 spi1.1: AD916x DAC Product ID: 9171
[ 6.089227] ad9172 spi1.1: AD916x DAC Product Grade: 0
[ 6.094356] ad9172 spi1.1: AD916x DAC Product Revision: 2
[ 6.099747] ad9172 spi1.1: AD916x Revision: 1.1.1
[ 6.104444] ad9172 spi1.1: PLL Input rate 122880000

[ 6.440347] ad9172 spi1.1: PLL lock status 1, DLL lock status: 1
[ 6.664302] ad9172 spi1.1: Serdes PLL Locked (stat: 3)
[ 6.776637] ad9172 spi1.1: code_grp_sync: 0
[ 6.780815] ad9172 spi1.1: frame_sync_stat: 0
[ 6.785163] ad9172 spi1.1: good_checksum_stat: 0
[ 6.789771] ad9172 spi1.1: init_lane_sync_stat: 0
[ 6.794467] ad9172 spi1.1: 2 lanes @ 4915200 kBps
[ 6.799729] ad9172 spi1.1: Probed.
[ 6.824532] cf_axi_dds 84a04000.axi-ad9171-hpc: Analog Devices CF_AXI_DDS_DDS MASTER (9.01.b) at 02

And when I status jesd, it looks ok

Link is enabled
Measured Link Clock: 368.672 MHz
Reported Link Clock: 368.640 MHz
Measured Device Clock: 368.672 MHz
Reported Device Clock: 368.640 MHz
Desired Device Clock: 122.880 MHz
Lane rate: 4915.200 MHz
Lane rate / 40: 122.880 MHz
LMFC rate: 7.680 MHz
SYNC~: asserted
Link status: CGS
SYSREF captured: Yes
SYSREF alignment error: No

Note: When I set the ref clock have a divider of 24 at the HMC, the desired matches the measured & report device clock, but that doesn't effect anything.

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