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AD-DAC-FMC-EBZ with AD9163 bring-up

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing great! 

I am new to AD evaluation platforms and will first time use the Linux image on the following setup: 

HW: A10SoC+AD9163-FMCC-EBZ (Eval-AD916x) 


config.tcl: AD9163 mode:08 (set params(AD9163,08) {2 8 2 1 1 16 16}) 

I would like to send out patterns read out from DMA (from DDR4) patterns 

My first question is : 

Which Linux image should I use for this purpose? 

Then What is the easiest way to feed the desired patterns over the DDR4 - DMA path to the DAC and get the maximum speed in the end as possible with this 8 lane configuration.

Best Regards,