Hi, dears,

We bought the ad9081 evaluation kits that include ADQUADMXFE1EBZ and vcu118 board. The ADI website (Quad-MxFE Software Quick Start Guide [Analog Devices Wiki]) provides the required system boot files (, which contain FPGA bitstream (system_top_[MODE][HW_REV].bit) and system image (simpleImage.vcu118_quad_ad9081_[MODE] [HW_REV].strip) to load.

Now, what we are confused about are:

1, how to create the *.strip that contains Linux kernel, devicetree and userspace filesystem, is there a guide or wiki about  building and generation of  the *.strip?

2, how can we use these files, as (*.bit + *.strip) or (*.bit + Linux kernel + devicetree + userspace filesystem) ,if not  where is website,  to create a boot.bin file that boots the vcu118 QSPI flash, and could you give us the step by step guide?