Provided ADI Images too large for 8GB SD Card?

I have been trying to get the zedboard + FMCOMMS4 system up and running so that I can test the capabilities of the AD9364 chip using the IIO Oscilloscope. I am trying to use the SD card to boot it, but don't have ADI's provided AD-FMC-SDCARD, so I am trying to format and make my own. I am trying to use the following guide to set up my SD card:

I notice that the latest images provided by ADI (for me it is 23 February 2021 release candidate (2019_R2) ) is almost 9.5GB when extracted. Does this mean that I must have an SD card where the BOOT partition is at least that size, so that it can fit ADI's provided image, as well as the uImage, BOOT.BIN, and devicetree.dtb?

Also, I notice that ADI does not provide a root filesystem, but there are examples showing a distribution of linux running on the target machine with the IIO Oscilloscope GUI running. Do I need to get a rootfs file myself, or is that somehow baked into ADI's provided files?

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