Hi all

I have a ADRV9009 evaluation board plugged to a ZCU102 board. All ADI IIO drivers are working fine using a Petallinux image running on the ZCU102 loaded via SD card. However, I tend to use GNURadio for most of BB DSP operations, so here're my questions:

  1. is there a way I can use FMCOMMS blocks with my ADRV9009 rather than using IIO Device Sink/ Source? as these blocks do not accept my board by default.
  2. if not, is there a way to build these blocks specifically for ADRV9009-ZCU102? this is because I would like to dynamically control the radio front-end parameters using GNURadio/Python. A block like like one here
  3. Separately, I intend to use an aux clock source (CSAC SA.45s) for more accurate synchronizations. Is this clock compatible with ADRV9009? p.s. I tried to change the settings to use aux clock source in ADI OSC app, but the radio simply dies on me, and I have to reset the system every time this is done.

Many thanks in advance.

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