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xo_correction with ADRV9364-Z7020

I have adrv1crr-bob board with adrv9364-z7020. I want to use it for GPS reception.
From what I understand for these applications it is better to use an external clock with greater precision. But in this case the board does not allow it.
Then I am going to use the internal clock provided by the board.
The following link shows how I should configure the XO_correction for pico zed.
Since you use a single ended oscillator you should inject a known CW tone and thus calculate the 40MHz oscillator correction. In this case, is it the same to use a gps reception antenna to perform the calculations or if a more reliable source is recommended? Is it possible to use this watch for a gps receiver? Could you provide me with more information about the oscillator used for the board?

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