Only RX - Kernel Panic - ADRV9008-1

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     I am using zynq3 evaluation board with ADRV9008-1w. As a reference design I have downloaded ADRV9009 latest release. The design was converted to VHDL and it is working perfectly fine as can be seen in iio oscilloscope SW. Now, the problem is that I need only Rx and therefore I deleted all the Tx IP blocks and accordingly modified the PS and PL side. Now the problem is the linux (Kuiper OS) is not booting and going into kernel panic error. One thing that I noticed was that after modifying zynq IP to remove HP3 block, the range of HP0, HP1 and HP2 is downgraded to 512M which was previously 1G. Moreover, I suspect to change device tree(How to change the device tree file?) also as now Tx is not needed. I must admit that I am a noob and maybe the solution would be easy but any help or guide will be much appreciated.

I have already reviewed this link :

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