Issues connecting to ADRV9009-ZU11EG + FMCOMMS8

I recently updated my embedded image to Kuiper (2021-02-23-ADI-Kuiper.img). I followed this guide on getting the image configured properly. Specifically, I copied the Image file from BOOT/zyncmp-common to BOOT/, copied BOOT.BIN and from zynqmp-adrv9009-zu11eg-revb-adrv2crr-fmc-revb-sync-fmcomms8 to BOOT/ and copied system.dtb from zynqmp-adrv9009-zu11eg-revb-adrv2crr-fmc-revb-sync-fmcomms8-multisom-primary to BOOT/.

When I boot the board, everything goes smoothly, I log in and connect to IIO-Oscilloscope. I cannot get IIO-Oscilloscope to communicate to the SDR nor can I ping the board from an ethernet connected device after setting a static IP by right clicking the panel icon choosing Wireless & Wired Network settings and changing the settings for eth1.

In IIO-Oscilloscope, I see under Global Settings that "Active ENSM" shows "radio_off" and choosing "radio_on" from the ENSM Modes dropdown has no effect. Also, the RF Bandwidth and Sampling Rate show "<error>" for the RX, TX, and ORX chains.

I also have the Rev C for the FMC and RF-SoM, but I have not seen any update files for these.

Mentioned Rev C
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