Number of streaming channels for multiple ADRV9008-2


I made a HDL design and device tree for two ADRV9008-2W/PCBZ cards on a ZCU102 board which more or less work now. I can access both ADRV9008-2 via two adrv9009-phy devices and JESD starts up in a multichip_sync configuration.

Regarding the streaming devices, axi-adrv9009-rx-obs-hpc has now two I/Q channels (voltage0_i, voltage0_q, voltage1_i, voltage1_q) instead of one, as expected.  axi-adrv9009-tx-hpc, however, still has only 2 I/Q channels (voltage0 – voltage3), as with one ADRV9008-2.

How can I increase the number of TX streaming channels?

Related question: 

Is there a way to enable/disable channels in the dac_tpl_core IP from Linux without calling iio_channel_enable()? I have a custom design, that feeds data to dac_tpl_core directly and would like to enable the data stream to the ADRVs without opening a streaming channel in Linux.

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