FMCOMMS11 DAC complex single tone


I have adapted FMCOMMS11 ADI HDL to be able to connect it to an Enclustra XU8 PE1 SoC Zynq Ultrascale module.

The complex DDS is not working, if I enable single tone or set independent IQ with 0° on one and 90° on the other tone, I do not observe a single tone on the spectrum analyzer connected to the DAC RF output, instead I am observing f_dds + f_NCO and f_dds - f_NCO. It seems that the I and Q datapath are not properly transmitted.

Can you please do a quick check with your ZC706+FMCOMMS11+Spectrum Analyzer if you have the same picture with the same settings? Thanks

I posted this question in the FPGA Reference Forum a month ago, but did not receive an answer.

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