AD5755-1 DAC multi channel iio device driver testing


I am interfacing AD5755 DAC using IIO Linux multi channel device driver.

Operating mode: 4 to 20 mA

1. Read and write out_current0_raw successfully using iio:: devices

2. checked current using multimeter = 0 mA

3. And also connect 100 ohm load at analog output and checked voltage = 0 V

4. Also there is no effect of different value of out_current0_raw.

Pls suggest me any settings required?



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    on May 31, 2021 3:10 AM in reply to jd_fev

    Hi Jd,

    Did you follow the programming sequence in figure 76? 

    The ideal command sequence should be: (assuming A1, A0 jumper at GND)

    1. 0x1C8555 : Software Reset or Hardware Reset via /RESET

    2. 0x1C6004 : DCDC Control Reg Default Values

    3. 0x1C4114 : Channel0 DAC Register

    4. 0x000000 : Channel0 Data register 

    Wait for ~200us

    5. 0x1C4154 : Step 3 command with Output enabled. 

    Repeat 3,4,&5 for other channels. 

    Best regards,