How can I generate DDS tone in Python (pyadi)?


I used DDS With pyadi, and I want to be able to do the following:
1-route DDS tone to any output (TX1A & TX2A) of  both chip & chip_b of FMComms5.
2-route DDS tone to many outputs (TX1A & TX2A) of both chip & chip_b at the same time.
3-route DDS tone to TX1B & Tx2B of both chip & chip_b at the same time?

I found this code that generates tone to one channel only.
# Set single DDS tone for TX on one transmitter
tone_freq_hz = 1000 # In Hz
tone_scale = 0.9 # Range: 0-1.0
tx_channel = 0 # Starts at 0
sdr.dds_single_tone(tone_freq_hz, tone_scale,tx_channel)

Please help. Thank you very much.