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How can I control RF switches of FMCOMMS5 in Python?


I want to Synchronize multiple AD9361 devices of FMCOMMS5 (chip, chip_b).
Python supports digital loopback and RF loopack. In addition, the FMCOMMS5 board includes two ADG918 wide band switches
that are used to connect either Tx1B from either AD9361 device to Rx1C on either AD9361 device.

How can I control RF switches (the GPIO pins from the FPGA (CAL_SW_1 and CAL_SW_2)) in Python?
How can I synchronize chip & chip_b in Python?

Please help. Thank you very much.

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  • Thank you for your support.

    I used pyadi.
    There are two switches CAL_SW_1 and CAL_SW_2 and you suggested one command only.
    I read this link:

    I understood that:
    Device A (Tx1B) will route to Device A (Rx1C) and Device B (Rx1C)
    Device B (Tx1B) will route to Device A (Rx1C) Device B (Rx1C)
    What is the <switch value> in both cases?

    FMComms5 has two AD9361, and I have to change SPI Register(0x004—Input Select)
    during multi-chip-sync to select TxB and enable RxC for both chips as follows:
    sdr._ctrl.reg_write(0x004, 0x70)
    Is this correct. Does this command work for both chip & chip_b at the same time?
    I am trying to do multi-chip-sync. Do you have Python example?

    Please help. Thank you very much.