pyadi-iio concurrent 8 channel rx data capture issue


While testing out the recently released 2-23-21 2019_r2 release candidate, I took an example from pyADI designed for the ZU11EG SoM and modified it for the ZU11EG Som with fmcomms8 daughterboard. Essentially, the only changes were to swap out the adrv9009_zu11eg class for the adrv9009_zu11eg_fmcomms8 equivalent, and duplicate the configuration from chips A and B to chips C and D, which was great. 

However, when increasing the size of the requested rx channel array from [0,1,2,3] to [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7], the resulting data seems corrupted. See the attached files for the original example, and the modified one, along with screenshots of running the modified example for 4 vs. 8 rx channels to see what I mean.

Is this expected? It does not seem to be related to the particular chips being accessed, but rather the number of concurrent channels accessed at once. For example, `[0,2,4,6]` accesses all chips, and works fine. 

Let me know what you think. 


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  • Sorry about the delay, your response gave me pause as I'd used this SD card for other tests so I wanted to start with a fresh image to make sure.

    Copied the full setup below for completeness, it's essentially the pre-release SD card with one line in the device tree modified so that it boots without hanging.

    With that said, I think Adrian has the answer, so will respond to him in just a second.

    • RF
      • Single tone,  8-way splitter, -40 to -20 dBm or so at ADRV9009 input, exact frequency not important but 5795 MHz with a 5800 MHz LO used above
    • Profile
      • Default profile (245.76 MSPS, 200 MHz BW)
    • SD Card
      • image: 2021-02-23-ADI-Kuiper.img
      • md5: f5dcc9a192ef4597d73d532046320306  (unmodified)
    • BOOT.BIN
      • zynqmp-adrv9009-zu11eg-revb-adrv2crr-fmc-revb-sync-fmcomms8/BOOT.BIN
      • md5: afa71139d24a834f40b5a1d9bd5459e7 (unmodified)
    • Linux Image
      • zynqmp-common/Image
      • md5: 78ffbb1c4e56787ae06841f2e81473aa (unmodified)
    • system.dtb
No Data