Error on Chirp signal generation in ADI IIO - FMCDAQ2 + ZCU102


I am getting error "unable to create buffer due to sample size and number of samples" when I try to load the provided data file for chirp signal generation using the AD-FMCDAQ2 (on ZCU102 with linux image on SD card). I tried selecting different channels but either I get this error message or "Invalid channel selection".

I get the same error when trying to generate a 400 MHz gaussian pulse using the AD-FMCDAQ2 with a pulse repetition frequency of 1KHz (every 1 ms). The following matlab code was used to generate the wave and store it in a .mat format.

fs = 2e9;
tc = gauspuls('cutoff',400e6,0.5,[],-5);
t = -tc:1/fs:tc;
x = gauspuls(t,400e6,0.5); 

ts = 0:1/2e9:0.001;
d = [0:1/1e3:0.001];
y = pulstran(ts,d,x,fs);

% xlim([0 0.1])
xlabel('Time (s)')

The variable y is transposed and save to a .mat file. 

Can anyone please help?

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