ADRV9009 custom profile in Matlab

I every one, 

i would like to set the sampling frequency of Rx on the ADRV9009+ZC706 to 245.76MHz. I used the talise configuration wizard to generate custom profile, but  when loading the automatic generated files but i show error. I would like to know how i can set fre Rx sampling frequency correctly with Matlab example code given in the link

Please help !!!! I've been looking for the solution for months now.

Bellow is the error

Error in adi.common.Attribute/setDeviceAttributeRAW (line 135)
cstatus(obj,status,['Attribute write failed for : ' attr ' with value ' value]);

Error in adi.ADRV9009.Base/writeProfileFile (line 112)

Error in adi.ADRV9009.Tx/setupInit (line 183)

Error in adi.common.RxTx/configureChanBuffers (line 214)

Error in matlabshared.libiio.base/setupImpl

Error in adi.common.RxTx/setupImpl (line 116)

Error in adi.common.Tx/setupImpl (line 23)

Error in ADRV9009_DMA_Example (line 17)

Kind regards!