no-OS AD9361 for MIcrosemi Polarfire + MSP430

Hi, I have a customer that needs to use the AD9361 with the Polarfire and MSP430.  But they are running into an issue when compiling our no-OS driver without any Xilinx dependences.  Pease see their question here:

“I am attempting to write a custom SPI interface for the AD9361 using a MSP430 type TI processor. The 9361 is connected to a Microsemi Polarfire eval board via mezzanine interface, and the MSP430 interfaces with a Microsemi header to pass SPI through the FPGA. I have used

to trace out connections and make sure all SPI signals are present at the 9361, at the correct 1.8V level and correct MSB-LSB orientation. I have also attempted to build the No-Os c libraries in the TI code composer studio environment but run into a slue of Xilinx dependencies. I used the following git hub repo:


I have read online that AD recommends use of their 9361 programming libraries, but this is not possible with my application.

Is it possible to build the no-os c libraries without linux or Xilinx dependencies and will it be compatible with the TI MSP430 processor?”

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