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how to combine between analog devices environment(image boot of analog devices) to matlab/simulink

Hi everyone.

we download boot image from analog devices which designated to zynq-zc706-adv7511-ad9361-fmcomms2-3. we succeeded in using the iio oscilloscope properly but we also interset with the same image to use matlab/simulink .

we looked at the but we didn't understand: 

1. how to build the configuration file and where to put it?

2. did we need to change something in our SD card (boot image).

3. we download the libiio for windows (turn out it was just the iio oscilloscope software), we need to download more files which concerned the libiio , if there are more files which files and how to install them properly?

4. we saw that dts file provided by mathwork contains extra drivers which include the matlab drivers(we presume) but it doesn't include the analog devices environment , did we need to touch the devicetree of analog devices and modify it ? and how? (we are not experienced embedded engineering we come from the fpga world)

thanks for your help .    

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