AD9361 debug

I have below query from a customer.

For debug, under the dev_dbg() Function we have few debug messages enabled. For example, the ad9361_rx_tia_calib() function issues this debug statement if the dev_dbg functions are enabled.

         dev_dbg(&phy->spi->dev, "%s : bb_bw_Hz %lu", __func__, bb_bw_Hz);

How can I enable these to be called specifically in the ad9361 driver? Can it be done through this mechanism here?

root@commscope:/sys/kernel/debug/iio/iio:device1# cat adi,debug-mode-enable


root@commscope:/sys/kernel/debug/iio/iio:device1# echo 1 adi,debug-mode-enable

1 adi,debug-mode-enable


Or is there another way to enable these dev_dbg() messages?