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Change AD9631 TX hardware gain when using 1rx-1tx mode

(Question 1) what are the valid numbers for the debug attribute, adi,1rx-1tx-mode-use-tx-num?

It seems that we can echo 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 into this attribute without error. Is that 2 for TX channel 2 and all other numbers will be default to TX/RX channel 1? Or is it odd number for channel 1 and even number for channel 2?

(Question 2) Is it true that, during the 1rx-1tx mode, only out_voltage0_hardwaregain is valid, regardless of which TX channel is selected?

Regardless of what values we echoed into adi,1rx-1tx-mode-use-tx-num, we tried 0, 1 or 2, after intialization, we could only modify the out_voltage0_hardwaregain attribute and cannot change out_voltage1_hardwaregain directly. Furthermore, whatever the value we assigned to out_voltage0_hardwaregain, out_voltage1_hardwaregain will be updated to the same value automatically.

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