No ADRV9009 plugin for IIO-Oscilloscope with ZC706 and ADRV9008-2

I am trying to use the ADRV9008-2 evaluation board with the ZC706. When I start up IIO Oscilloscope it only has two tabs Debug and DMM. If choose menu items Settings - connect it finds an eeprom and displays part number ADRV9008-2W/PCBZ. Presumably it is reading this from the mezzanine  board.  Linux version is reported as 4.14.0. IIO devices  AD7291, XADC,  ad9258-1, null.

I have read the answers to similar questions, but these seem to advise things that I have already done.

I created my software image as follows:

  • Downloaded image 2019_R1
  • Programmed SD Card
  • In windows 10 machine opened drive named boot.
  • Followed the instructions in README.txt i.e. From folder zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv9008-2 copied BOOT.BIN and devicetree.dtb to folder root and from folder zynq-common copied uImage.
  • With the SD Card in the ZC706 board, I powered up the system.
  • Ran update scripts ADI Update boot (no change required) and ADI Update Tools (rebuilt things for several minutes)
  • I rebooted the system.

I have created a diagnostic report and attached it to this question (might have added it twice by accident).