need adau1777 driver

i have eval-adau1777z board. i want to record 4 channel data in my raspberry pi. can anyone please provide linux driver for adau1777. 

faraz khan.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 7, 2020 12:10 PM


    Unfortunately we don't have a driver for ADAU1777 part.

    I also can't tell you when we will create one but meanwhile just for capturing the I2S data you can use "snd-soc-dummy" as dummy codec. Please have a look at our ADAU1761 devicetree overlay

    You have to connect just the I2S bus lines between RPi and Eval board and you can keep the USBi connected and control the ADAU from Sigma Studio.

    Please take care that Rpi cannot provide a MCLK so I recommend you to run the RPi I2S interface in slave mode with ADAU being the master.

    Also RPi expose just one pin for PCM data input and does not support TDM so you can capture only 2 channels.



  • Hello Bogdan, 

      Thanks for your suggestion. since you said that raspberry pi cannot receive 4 channel data,So can you suggest me how can i acquire 4 channel data and store in computer. which device i can use in place of raspberry pi. or any other working method. please help me.

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