PackRF-AD9361 Help to run the test


I'm trying to run the PackRF radios to send and receive the video from the included camera.

I've tried to do this with the firmware (Linux) from the box and have tried to update the adi tools thru the Internel - in both cases got the same results. I have the original firmware and 2019_R1-2020_02_04 version with the updated ADI tools.

So, when I run 'Recv Video' command from the menu I got several error about 'netcat: cannot assign' and 'cannor find HOME directory'.

When I run 'Autoconfig' command from the menu -- I got several messages for non-existing 'sshpass'.

I've tried to login into the radio and try to run those commands from the terminal. In fact, I can fix the problem with sshpass but still can't run the video receiption.

It seems to me that the data link itself is not established between both radios and I don't know how to set it up.

I've read some manuals on AD site and still can't understand how to setup the IP channel/Data Link between two radios.

Could you help me with that, please?

Thank you!

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