SSM2518 device tree BCLK source


I want to use the SSM2518 I2S amplifier with our Linux system.


  • TI am335x processor
  • BCLK signal of the processor connected to MLCK pin
  • MCLK pin connected to GND


  • Linux 4.19.x
  • ssm2518 Linux driver, configured by device tree, simple-audio-card

When I try to play audio, I can see the register 0x00 (Reset_Power_Control) of the ssm2518 is set to 0x08 or 0x0a (depending on the .wav file I play).
That means, the bit 5 (NO_BCLK) is not set while playing.

How can I convince the driver to set the registers correctly for my hardware configuration using the device tree?