ADAS1000 Linux driver for Kernel 4.9.52 or newer


i need help. We would like to implement the ADS1000 in our new design which will be controlled by an embedded linux controller.

Therefore i would like to know if for ADAS1000 a newer driver exists? The old one is not usable with the kernel 4.9.52. A lot of error messages are created when the build process is started (unknown functions and data structures).

I appreciate any help.

Best regards,

Alexandru Mixich

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 16, 2020 12:33 PM 1 month ago in reply to Alexandru

    Unfortunately, we don't use the ADAS1000 Linux driver that much.

    It was written many years back on top of a Blackfin processor board.

    Maybe try to ask about the interrupts on the product subforum.

    Maybe this one?

    [ I am not sure about all the subforums yet].

    But in general, interrupts storms can happen if the interrupt is not quickly/properly acknowledged.

    Basic theory of operation for interrupts, is:

    1. a device will issue an interrupt

    2. the host system will quickly acknowledge it (usually just set a bit in some register)

    3. optionally, interrupts will be disabled [for this device] to do some processing, and since this processing can take a while, interrupts shouldn't fire until processing is finished

    4. do processing while there is data to process; in cases where the data is still coming in (even though interrupts aren't firing anymore), the processing can continue longer on a system-thread routine

    5. when no more processing, re-enable interrupts

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