Gnuradio 3.8 with iio on ubuntu - fool proof install scripts

Hi All

installing gnuradio 3.8 with iio can be a pain on ubuntu 18.04, then even with the new 3.8 iio branch some of us are still having issues.

free for all a bunch of tested, fool proof scripts to build and install gr3.8 with iio and all dependancies, working error free with python3. 

now the install is as simple as git clone my repository, cd into the directory, change permissions on a file, and run it, 4 basic commands then sit back for an hour and watch it build with pybombs.

3 script versions, 1 standard for fresh ubuntu 18.04 install, 2 for installing alongside an existing version of gnuradio, 3 for windows wls, this does all of the above but also sets up the graphical environment the only thing left to do is install ximg on windows and reboot wls.

also hoping that by reading the it will save some people time in jumping between github, engineerzone, stackflow and all the other places, i've tried to correlate all the essential information in one place so people can both help themselves troubleshoot and start to understand the processes required to get the install done which for the best of us can be difficult at times..

hope this makes some peoples lives easier.... 

no issues with AD adding to repository as long as creds are given.

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