AD9371 / AD9375: Initial Calibration MYKONOS APIs calls with AD Linux Driver

we are using the AD9375 with the Linux Driver by AD. We take advantage of the IIO oscilloscope plug in for AD9371/5 in order to provide manual configuration.
We are investigating the Initial Calibration procedure.
On UG992, we collected MYKONOS APIs in order to enable and monitor Initial Calibrations. We realized that the Mykonos APIs require us to develop a HAL to be ported on our environment.
We posted questions on Design Support to AD9371/AD9375 and we were told the following:

“API's are basic C codes and can be used with Linux and NO-OS bare metal setup. Linux drivers .[]=ad9371&s[]=linux “

But we have tried to use the APIs with Linux. Our attempt was to use them in user space, but we realized the SPI is used by the AD9371 driver and it doesn’t allow us to write the SPI HAL layer inside the Mykonos library. We suspect we should use the spidev driver instead of the AD9371 one in case we want to use the Mykonos library in user space. Are we doing something wrong?

Thank you for any suggestion you will be able to provide

Best regards

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