ADRV9009 How to use “iio_readdev” capture RX1 signal only?


I'm trying to capture an AD9009 Receiving Signal with ADRV9009 on A10Soc. After reading several threads I guess “iio_readdev” should be tried. 

I ran 100Mhz@122.88Msps  profile on AD9009,I wanto capture a “100ms” received signals, so I use below commands:

root@analog:/tmp# mount none -t tmpfs /tmp/mnt -o size=512M
root@analog:/tmp# cd mnt/
root@analog:/tmp/mnt#  iio_readdev -s 12288000 axi-adrv9009-rx-hpc > /tmp/mnt/samples_12288000_100ms.raw
and I can see my captured file:
root@analog:/tmp/mnt# ls -lt
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 98304000 Oct 14 12:00 samples_12288000_100ms.raw
and use below command , I can convert it to CSV format as well:
root@analog:/tmp/mnt#  hexdump -e '4/2 "% 8.d,\t" "\n"' samples_12288000_100ms.raw > samples_12288000_100ms.raw.csv 
But what I only want is the first pair of I/Q on AD9009 RX0 channel, I dont' wanto capture both two pair of I/Q on RX0 chan and RX1 channel. How can I get that ?  what device name I should feed to "iio_readdev" tool ?  
Thanks & Best Regards   

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