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Problem booting from ADRV9008 SD Image on the ZCU102


I am having difficulty booting from the SD card provided from ADI with the ADRV9008 evaluation board.

Things to note:

Booting on the ZCU102 (SW6 set to 1110 for SD boot as per the UG for that board).

  • The board gets hung up in the process and, after 30 seconds, the PS_ERR_OUT (DS35) LED turns red.
  • No data is sent to the HDMI monitor (HDMI into the top Tx port).
  • Tried booting with the daughter board (ADRV) connected to HPC1 and with the keyboard/mouse connected (in hopes that it was looking for those to boot).
  • There is an Ethernet connection to a Linux host PC.
  • Also, tried a second SD card in an effort to see if that was the issue.

This issue seems to be native to the SD boot image or the ZCU102 board, as both SD cards boot fine on the ZCU706 board we have.

Just trying to ping here to see if anyone has run into problems with configuring the ZCU102 to boot.

If so, should I focus on correcting the SD boot image? or is my ZCU board not set up correctly?