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Enable USB Serial Converter Driver

Hello All,

Running Linux on ADRV9361-FMC SoM. I came across the following thread in searching for how to enable the USB serial converter to communicate with peripheral serial devices. This seems like exactly what I need, but I cannot find anything in the operating system that allows me to edit the kernel settings as described. Could someone please provide more detail or point to a good web resource?

Quoted from mhennerich ...

"Simply under kernel config goto:

Device Drivers > USB support > USB Serial Converter support

[*]   USB Generic Serial Driver

 <*>   USB CP210x family of UART Bridge Controllers

 <*>   USB FTDI Single Port Serial Driver

Enable the driver in question - most devices use the above checked.

Rebuild your kernel - once you plug in your USB cable.

A device node such as /dev/ttyUSB0 is created which you can use to control your modem.

Just like on any other Linux desktop."