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JESD Eye Scan for ADRV9009 on ZCU102

Hi all, a few questions:

1) Does the JESD Eye Scan tool run natively on the ZCU102? I see that it does for the ZC706 according to the wiki.

2) Does the Eye Scan tool work for the ADRV9009?

3) Am I required to run a specific Linux build to make this tool work?

Any other pointers or nuances would be appreciated, thanks.

  • 1) The driver that currently controls the transceiver IP core, doesn't support Eyescan.

    It shouldn't be hard to restore it for the GTX transceiver family found on the ZC706.

    There is already a task, but haven't started yet. Eyescan for the GTH transceivers found on the Ultrascale devices might need some extra work.

    2) Assuming support for GTX/GTH Eyscan is restored, than it should work for ADRV9009 RX/ADC links.


  • Hi Michael, could you please elaborate on what you mean by "restore [the driver] for the GTX transceiver family found on the ZC706", is this something that would require me to rebuild my Linux kernel?

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