Modifying Gain table


We are using AD9364 in 2100MHz LO frequency.

Using Manual Gain Control, we are able to control the gain. But when keeping Rx Gain to 0 we still get some gain (when Tx power is compared with Rx power).

We went through the Gain Table (Gain Tables in .csv format) to understand the implementation.

We referred GainTable2300MHz.csv and went through the values in table index 5 (for total gain 0). We can see that, to make it 0 gain, iLNA gain and LPF gain are set to 3 each and TIA gain is set to -6.

Is it possible for us to modify these values individually and see the behavior? Can we only set the index using the registers (0x130, 0x131 etc) or can we set the actual gain value?

If there is any other information/ document to understand the usage of ' full_gain_table[RXGAIN_TBLS_END][SIZE_FULL_TABLE][3]' in ad9361.c, please point to that as well.

Thank you,