adrv9371x on kcu105 giving 0x20 RxFramerStatus and OrxFramerStatus with no-OS


I've been using the Linux drivers on the KCU105 with adrv9371x evaluation board and all has been working well with the 2018_R2 branches of both the hdl and linux branches. Linux fully boots and all drivers probe and I can run IIO Oscope and config and radio and get IQ samples.

I recently switched to the no-OS code and mykonos API driver v3566, and when I use this and just run headless.c (as described at I consistently get the following.

Please wait...
RX_XCVR (GTH3) initialization OK
TX_XCVR (GTH3) initialization OK
RX_OS_XCVR (GTH3) initialization OK
MCS successful
CLKPLL locked
AD9371 ARM version 5.1.1
PLLs locked
Calibrations completed successfully
RxFramerStatus = 0x20
OrxFramerStatus = 0x20
dac_setup dac core initialized (245 MHz).
adc_setup adc core initialized (123 MHz).

Can someone please check this? I'm now needing to remove the Microblaze, DDR, etc from my design and am going to leverage the no-OS code to setup/config the radio over PCIe, but I'd like to begin at a good starting point.