No DMA acquisitions with no-os ADC DMA example


I'm working with the AD9361 on a fmcommS5 board and a ZCU102 as carrier board and with no-OS driver sources.

I'm trying to perform some DMA acquisitions on the development kit.

So in first, I test "ADC_DMA_EXAMPLE" application by setting the corresponding define in "config.h" file.
The generation of the application succeeds with no error and it seems operate correctly but no DMA acquisition is performed.

The development environment is as follows :
Sw : Vivado 2018.2 + XSDK
Hw : ZCU102 + FMCOMMS5
Versions : hdl and no-OS, both from master branch + Patch (post from Olive_21 March 14, 2019 tittle "AD9361 initialization issue") on GPIO numbers (GPIO_RESET, ...)

Thanks for help,